Cleanse, Polish & Glow!

Weekends are for stepping back, catching up, running around on errands and planning some fun.  The best part can involve unplugging and indulging yourself in our CTRL Weekend Sensory Experience.  

Schedule your own “me time” break to refresh and restore your natural healthy glow --- in 15 minutes or less!  

The CTRL™ Weekend Sensory Experience includes three essential steps:

STEP ONE: DAILY REFRESH CLEANSING GEL. Our pure, hydrating cleanser unleashes potent antioxidants and vitamins derived from Rose Hip Extract, Seaweed Extract and Geranium Extract. The rich lather removes all traces of makeup and impurities. Skin is left refreshed and supple.

4.0 Oz.  $34

STEP TWO: REJUVENATION FACIAL POLISH. Our luxurious blend of Honey and Amber, infused with Jojoba and Vanilla, creates a spa- like sensory experience.
The carefully sourced amber resin granules, gently lifts away dead skin cells, leaving a polished, natural finish. Honey adds the needed hydration to maintain your glow. The perfect blend of Vanilla and Honey gives the product the scent that keeps you coming back for more. 

2.0 Oz. $52

STEP THREE: REPLENISH BEAUTIFYING OIL.  After cleansing and polishing, add a few drops of REPLENISH all over your face. The super blend of oils including Argan, Grapeseed, Amaranth and Coconut, enhances hydration, elasticity and radiance. Any extra drops can be run through your hair for extra shine and vitality.  For instant hydration, use as an all over body moisturizer. This amazing formula instantly softens and conditions cuticles. The ultimate luxury, REPLENISH quickly absorbs to deliver a healthy radiance.

1.0 Oz  $72

(CTRL™ Tip: You don’t have to wait for the weekend to indulge in our amazing three step “pick-me-up”!)

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