Skin Care for men, The CTRL experience

There are thousands of skin care products, where most men over 50 find their skin is changing, and for those that address the issue, a change of habits is required. You may be more prone to eczema, dry skin, shaving issues (razor burn or rashes), flaky skin, or other skin conditions. This is due to the aging process and changes in metabolism. In general, your skin gets dryer, and sheds more often as you age - the discomfort is noticeable, itchy, and can be painful for sensitive skin. The below is a testimonial of a journey, on how a gradually worsening condition past the 50's has been turned around. Having searched with no avail solutions for this skin ailment, CTRLcosmetics was an unexpected remedy to this plaguing problem.

PTSD in shaving

With skin issues that may occur no matter what your shaving method is, wet shaving or electric may leave your skin with razor bumps or razor burns, dry flaky patches over several days. No matter the approach, in the shower where the pores would be opened and receptive to the right shaving cream, pre-washing to remove all the face oil from the skin, and being careful on the ingredients of the products to avoid allergic reaction - it all resulted with the same outcome - red/flaky skin and a painful experience. This puts shaving intervals further apart, reducing the frequency to avoid the an unwelcome experience. For people with sensitive skin and this type of condition, PTSD in shaving is a real "thing".

The Medical field

Having tried many creams to try to prevent this reaction by either pre-treating the areas affected before shaving, or having post-shaving skin care routine steps to treat these areas were all in vain, nothing seemed to work. Doctors were consulted, dermatologists and specialists recommended many creams, ranging from steroids and emollients to hydrocortisone which either did not work at all or had very little effect. Frustration turned into acceptance of futile efforts with home remedies, and consultations yet leaving the weekly ritual into a hopeless cycle of having to live with a worsening situation.

Hope at last?

By chance, the discovery of CTRLcosmetics which has a philosophy of having "no creams" - maybe that might have been the issue all along? After all, everything that was tried before was creams, all with a varying miracle ingredient that never succeeded. Being in the cosmetics field, I would have never thought it may relate to addressing a "man issue" - the situation was quite desperate. Giving this a try, not holding out much hope, let's give it a spot treatment. CTRLcosmetics line of products is gender-neutral, not that it had a bearing on experimenting with the condition. At least the perception felt more scientific in addressing the skin vs. a cosmetics market as a beauty product.

Skin care routine steps

Every morning and evening the routine started with CTRL Daily Refresh cleansing gel, just wet the face with warm water, lathered a small amount in the hand, and massaged in a circular motion. Then proceeded to rinse thoroughly in warm water, leaving the skin really clean without any greasiness or oils.

Next is the application of CTRL Lasting Hydration hyaluronic acid serum, this is applied morning and evening after every wash. Applying just a thin layer and allowing it to dry, again there was no greasiness, no oiliness. The common denominator is "no cream". The skin is left feeling refreshed, supple, and what one could call "normal". The medical professionals kept saying it is oily skin, but achieving the right balance, and finding the right ingredients came down to not applying oil, to begin with.

The recovery

With the problems associated with shaving the affected areas leading to discomfort, the rejuvenation of healthy skin has lead to the shaving experience to be greatly improved. Not only was the skin blending in back to normal, but the effects of the CTRL Lasting Hydration dramatically reduced the skin condition just after just one day's use, after a few days there was practically no affected area or issue at all. With the medical conditions alleviated, the experience of shaving has been a lot more bearable, it all feels like the "dread" is in the past. This changes the dynamics, with reduced pain, healthy skin recovering to a regular mental state in anticipating to shave, a nice wet shave starts to become more inviting.

CTRLcosmetics - a unique solution

After years of trying countless creams and potions, it was such a relief to find products that actually works. When one looks back, while it was unexpected, it seems so logical that a "no cream" approach was the way to achieving the desired results. The surprise was that it brought balance to the affected skin quickly, the skin feels dry and natural. The CTRLcosmetics products have given the results that no other products have managed to achieve, giving the opportunity to have a skin care routine that allows you to overcome years of struggle. Being over 50 with skin conditions, people with this skin condition no longer have to endure PTSD in shaving, but an enjoyable wet shaving experience.