AVENTURA Magazine – March 22, 2022

AVENTURA Magazine March 2022


Daily Refresh Cleansing Gel ($24) and Paradise Smooth Moisturizing Gel ($40), CTRL Cosmetics, ctrlcosmetics.com Nina L. Steinberg's CTRL Cosmetics line fuses gentle ingredients, skin care tech, and luxurious experiences. I love the Paradise Smooth Moisturizing Gel, which hydrates and gives me a subtle glow.

CTRL Cosmetics – September 29, 2021

CTRL Cosmetics

September 29, 2021


This Miami-based, female-led cosmetics company was born out of founder Nina Steinberg’s own skin-care frustrations. “Having a compromised immune system along with several skin sensitivities, I went and took the necessary steps myself and met with leading cosmetic chemists to find answers,” says Steinberg, whose journey led her to create a suite of gentle, effective products that help achieve a healthy, glowing complexion for men and women.

CTRL Cosmetics – Daily Refresh Cleansing Gel $24 June 16, 2021

CTRL Cosmetics – Daily Refresh Cleansing Gel $24

June 16, 2021


A refreshing gel that gently removes traces of impurities and dirt leaving dad’s skin supple and balanced. Rich in vitamins, DAILY REFRESH is a natural, pure, high performance cleanser that delivers extensive benefits to the rejuvenation process and healthy skin maintenance.

CTRL Cosmetics: Natural, Unisex Skincare by
Mother Daughter Duo Nina & Alissa Steinberg April 27, 2021



JUNE 8, 2021


If you have sensitive skin, finding products that are effective yet non-irritating can sometimes be a challenge. Until now. CTRL created a collection of skincare (and some killer lipglosses) that uses effective and natural ingredients that target sensitive skin without feeling “too clinical” and are also affordable. The Rejuvenation Facial Polish uses amber granules to gently exfoliate skin and the honey and vanilla-infused polish is hydrating and soothing on the skin and the senses. And since there is no avoiding our hot, humid summers, the Paradise Smooth Moisturizing Gel, will be your new BFF. This oil-free formula is extremely lightweight, instantly absorbs, and doesn't leave you feeling greasy. It helps to minimize pores while keeping skin hydrated with botanical antioxidants like Snow Algae, Vitamin A-rich Cloudberry, and Caffeine, which also work to revive dull skin, support collagen and boost skin defenses. https://ctrlcosmetics.com, @ctrlcosmetic