In June 2022, CTRL Cosmetics was introduced to Noelle Salon of the greater Boston area, Massachusetts.  Noelle Salon is not your average hair salon, run by Noelle Spinosa, the expertise in Hair Extension and Hair Loss has driven them to innovate their very own Hair Extension system with Veila Hair Extensions - a pull-thru method using micro-beads to apply the Virgin hair.  The introduction found synergy with the Skincare to complement Noelle Salon's beauty line-up.

CTRL Cosmetics has gone on to sponsor the Veila Hair Extension Training classes which covers Hair Extension methods and techniques for other Salon owners to learn and apply.  CTRL Cosmetics is excited about participating in this opportunity, and wish Noelle great success with her endeavor.

CTRL Cosmetics and Noelle Salon Collaboration

Noelle was quoted in saying: "Collaborating with the renowned skincare brand "Control Cosmetics" has been an amazing experience!  The team at CTRL has offered our Veila Hair Extensions trainees and Noelle Salon client's a generous giveaway worth over $400.  I have personally used their products on my face and hair, and the results are miraculous!  I am so excited for everyone to use their products, and see the results for themselves."