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There are times when we get the chance to catch up with some of our engaged customers and get to talk to them about our products and how they work for them. Skincare is a deep and broad subject, and in this case, we get to cover our skin care products and lip glosses. When talking to Tracy, a female over 50, and her journey to discovering a skin care routine steps that work for her dry skin and dealing with face oil. The interview when this way:

Interviewer: "Tracy, what problems have you encountered in searching for a daily facial wash?"

Tracy: "I found most daily wash products left my skin either irritated, it did not feel clean, or left my face feeling dry and tight. However, with CTRL Daily Refresh the skin feels hydrated, supple, and clean leaving my pores fresh and clear of dirt and impurities. Daily Refresh contains Rose Hip Seed Oil and is rich in vitamins A, C, and E, so the skin will feel clean, hydrated, and glowing giving a fresher more youthful complexion."

Interviewer: "Can you tell me more about your skin care regime?"

Tracy: "I like to exfoliate after cleansing my skin.  Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells and increases circulation, brightening and improving skin appearance. CTRL Rejuvenation Facial Polish is a great product, having used it just twice, the appearance of my skin was noticeably improved. The skin did not feel tight or dry after use and is definitely glowing. The aroma is very pleasant leaving you feeling like you have had a spa treatment."

Interviewer: "What other skin care challenges did you face in your daily routine?"

Tracy: "My combination skin was really a problem when trying to get some form of moisturizing for my face. I found while some products worked okay on my cheeks, my nose and forehead were left greasy. With CTRL Lasting Hydration Hyaluronic Acid Serum works for me as an oil-free base that does not make my combination skin worse. The Lasting Hydration Hyaluronic Acid leaves your skin looking brighter with an even skin tone, you just apply it morning and evening in a thin layer and allow it to dry, easy but with great results."

Interviewer: "Do you use anything else specifically in the recent past to offset the symptoms of aging?"

Tracy: "Definitely, obviously, my age means my skin wasn’t looking as good anymore, however, discovering CTRL Replenish gave me results for fine lines and wrinkles that were amazing.  Not only does Replenish reduce their appearance, but regular use can prevent the fine lines altogether. Replenish absorbs quickly into the skin delivering protein and antioxidants that hydrate and rejuvenate. Just a once-a-day application."

Interviewer: "Lastly, do you moisturize to finish off your regime?"

Tracy: "I do need to moisturize on a daily basis. Having tried a lot of moisturizing creams it is very hard to find one suitable for combination skin. Having never even considered trying a moisturizing gel over a moisturizing cream I saw a big difference. CTRL PARADISE is a gel that is fragrant and leaves skin with a healthy glow and no shine, it soaks into the skin in seconds. The skin is soft, pores are smaller and the product being oil-free is a big bonus."

Interviewer: "Have you tried the Lip gloss products from the CTRL Cosmetics line and if you have, how was the experience?"

Tracy: "Many Lip gloss products have been tried on the market over the years, resulting in many disappointments, and happy with some...Then I discovered CTRLcosmetics and their line of Lip gloss. Amongst the problems encountered with a lot of lip glosses in the past was the amount of times it had to be reapplied, and within a very short time in between application. The two worst experiences were where one Lip gloss actually glued my lips together and the other was leaving my lips dry once the gloss had worn off. These are the two I use.

CTRLcosmetics Luscious Shimmer and Shine is a great product, having tried it on its own and on top of lipstick, there was no stickiness, the shimmer stands out and it lasts. Lips feel soft and moisturised long after the gloss has gone.

CTRL cosmetics Luxury Liquid Gems Gloss Shimmer leaves your lips looking fuller, especially helpful for those with thinner lips, they will feel hydrated and again no stickiness."

Interviewer: "Did you have any last words regarding how you adopted CTRLcostmetics over previous products and how your experience changed?"

Tracy: "I have a skin type that has had a rough history, from allergic reactions to medical conditions that left me with large red patches. I have sensitive skin, and since cancer treatment, my pain senses have been very acute. On several areas of my face, I have dark spots. My skin condition historically was never the best, but cancer treatment and age combined have left me trying various products on the market as well as home remedies. CTRLcostmetics has changed and simplified how I approach my skin care. The active ingredients in the products have changed the way my skin feels, being younger, brighter, and balanced. This is all new to me, and I am grateful for having discovered it."

Interviewer: "Thank you for your comments Tracy, we hope you enjoy your experience."

Our products factor in various skin conditions and will treat and improve people with sensitive skin and also delivers a routine for skin care for men - our products don't use creams which can leave you oily skin. It is important to note that when using our products, they can be used as a spot treatment or the entire area. In both cases, the skin care routine blends in the improvements for a soft and even skin tone, that allows you to radiate throughout your day. Feel free to reach out to us if you have a skin challenge, we are happy to assist and review with you your skin care routine steps for healthier skin.