Founder Nina L. Steinberg

As an interior designer, I’ve worked primarily on full-blown renovations. Opening up “neglected” spaces and redesigning with the ultimate goal of revealing a beautiful, natural space is my special interest and talent. I was always delighted to create appealing interiors that reflected back to the original “hidden” beauty.

I founded CTRL Cosmetics because of my own – and my family’s- increased sensitivities to ingredients found in most skincare brands. Like far too many consumers, I ran from one brand to the next trying to put together a compete “routine” that worked for me.  

When that failed, I made the decision to approach skincare just as I approached interior design – only this time I was working with superb chemists, peeling back layers of ingredients to reveal only those that delivered the healthy, hydrated complexion I wanted to achieve. Using powerful and selectively sourced botanical extracts and naturally derived actives, we were able to create unique products that targeted the skin challenges we wanted to address. Conscious, clean beauty that will always set a new benchmark for performance defines all of our products.  And, we formulated for all skin types and genders. Just as my interior design work is gender-free, so is my product line.

We continue to work on development of new products that adhere to our mission – stripping back the layers of fillers and toxic ingredients to reveal a beautiful, healthy complexion that lets you take CTRL of what you put on your skin.  


Nina L. Steinberg

CEO and Founder, CTRL®



At CTRL Cosmetics our goal is to "bring the glow back" to your complexion. 

We love healthy, hydrated and glowing skin and we know that too often our skin is adversely affected by outside environmental stressors, sun damage, too little sleep and dehydration.

The CTRL team, led by Nina L. Steinberg, takes a unique, minimalist approach to "regimens" - especially in skincare. We start with the idea that a streamlined skincare routine can include luxurious, potent botanical extracts and the most effective technological advances - all combined to deliver a healthy radiant complexion.  

Our unisex philosophy towards skincare drives the core mission of developing products that focus on best for "your" skin - regardless of gender. We keep the focus on ingredients and formulas that take on challenges including increasing skin hydration levels through formulas that “self-adjust”, evening out skin tone, fighting free-radicals, and increasing collagen production -  all critical elements of CTRL’s high performance skincare. 

We constantly work to develop products that promote healthy skin, using carefully selected botanical extracts and other active ingredients sourced for peak performance. We also make sure that the sensory experience matches the results --our formulas feel as good as the results they achieve!   

Our formulas are all cruelty - free and we only choose ingredients that are free of toxic chemicals, parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. Ingredient transparency and an ongoing commitment to consumer education is also a core part of the CTRL philosophy. 

CTRL has a strong commitment to conscious, clean beauty that sustains your skin - and the environment.


CTRL Your Lifestyle®