As a designer, and being one for so many years, I’ve learned that I’m not one to stick to just one brand or look.

I am always looking for something different. As in my designs, I like various concepts that work well together. Always thinking outside of the box!

I’m the type of person who is eclectic in design, but also LOVE that elegant look and feel, yet being very much in the present, looking towards the future, but forever timeless. Whether designing interiors, mixed media, textiles, skincare or cosmetics, I know what I like and what works for me.

Over the years I’ve tried so many well-known brands, and have yet to achieve the results I’ve been looking for.

So, with that idea in mind, I decided that I would go and do research into what would be most beneficial for my skin, as well as for others, including MEN!

For so many years, R&D was done with the Woman in mind. Did anyone ever think of MEN’S skin? Their skin is just as important! Skin is just that, Skin!

Our face is like a Canvas! We all want to look our best. Having that clean, polished, hydrated and moisturized look. That healthy bright glow!

“When you look good, You feel good”.

I searched for the finest ingredients and created these luxurious products. After many years, I now have products that I can say I’m in “LOVE“ with! My family enjoys using these products each and every day. I hope you and your family will enjoy using our products, allowing you to...


Nina L. Steinberg