Beautiful formulas, beautiful textures, and beautiful results – all ideal for sensitive skin!

Nina L. Steinberg, Founder of CTRL® Cosmetics, understands the challenge and frustration of finding effective, naturally-based, skincare products that target sensitive skin without having a “clinical feel” or being wildly expensive.

A compromised immune system along with several skin sensitivities inspired Nina to collaborate with leading cosmetic chemists to find an answer. With them, she identified exactly what was needed to achieve a beautiful, healthy complexion for herself and for others who had similar issues or who simply wanted skincare products that would promote healthy skin without any irritants.

Nina’s collaboration with the chemists produced a tightly focused collection of skincare essentials that incorporate potent, carefully sourced, botanical extracts, antioxidant vitamins, and naturally-derived actives. No useless fillers or potentially harmful chemicals.

“At CTRL® we spend our days addressing the challenges of creating skincare products that deliver amazing results for sensitive skin at an affordable price. We use the best technology that science offers and the most effective naturally derived botanical extracts, antioxidants, and vitamins to ensure our products do what we say they will – and feel luxurious as well” - Nina L. Steinberg, Founder and CEO, CTRL®