When it comes to skin care products, there are plenty to choose from, but much like other testimonials we have received, the in-depth description of how CTRL Cosmetics are applied and deliver results highlight the success we have with our skin care routine steps. For additional skin care for women, Tracy's testimonial gives a good account in her redaction of her interview, while for skin care for men we have another description of how that experience worked out. The common theme is our CTRL Lasting Hydration (Hyaluronic acid) is delivering an impact when it comes to moisturizing the skin, dealing with not just dry skin, but sensitive skin and aging lines.

CTRL Cosmetics Lifestyle

Jules Alpern:

Jules Alpern is one of our biggest customers. This beautiful lady has taken before and after pictures to show her amazing results from using CTRL Cosmetics as well as her testimonial and a video.

Jules uses CTRL Rejuvenation facial polish then CTRL Lasting Hydration hyaluronic acid and also CTRL Paradise smooth moisturizing gel, you can see the results for yourself. As an outdoor runner, the weather takes its toll on her skin, these products work for Jules, the CTRL Rejuvenation facial polish contains healthy minerals and balanced hydration, and CTRL Lasting Hydration hyaluronic acid is great because as we get older our skin produces less hyaluronic acid so we get fine lines and wrinkles and the CTRL Paradise smooth moisturizing gel has antioxidants and ingredients rich in vitamins A, C, and E to combat the effects of free radicals exposure.

Jules also uses CTRL Paradise smooth moisturizing gel as a primer for her makeup and finishes her look off with CTRL Luscious Shimmer and Shine in Pink Pompadour, this lipgloss is has a polymer system, a lightweight breathable film that moves with your lips, the vitamin-rich gloss contains antioxidant protection and moisture.

Before the use of CTRL Cosmetics

Jules before CTRL

After the use of CTRL Cosmetics

Jules after CTRL

CTRL Videos


Due to our high interaction with our customers and how happy they are with our products.

We have collected some videos and testimonials from CTRL Cosmetics users, you will see for yourself the sort of impact CTRL Cosmetics has had on their skin.

Beth Walkemeyer's daily routine

Jules Alpern's Unboxing