Musings On Makeup + Skincare

It’s fair to say that I created CTRL skincare in part, because of my love of makeup. I love a subtle minimalist look as much as I adore the glamour of a smokey eye and a glimmer of shimmer on my lips.

I want the makeup I wear to reveal my “best self”. I want the products I use to “enhance not hide”.  

No amount of money spent on makeup can cover up an uneven, dull, dehydrated complexion. A lipgloss won’t play nice with chapped or cracked lips.

It really does start with the skin. And so that’s where I began with CTRL, working to develop skincare that would jumpstart the skin’s natural regenerative processes into high gear.   I zeroed in on the precise vitamins and antioxidants extracted from carefully sourced botanicals that would defend against environmental stressors, sensitivities and free-radical damage. I added the extracts and naturally derived actives such as Hyaluronic Acid that would boost hydration, even out skin tone and “feed” the skin. All necessary elements to reach the goal of restoring a smooth, hydrated, natural glow.

Our products are a perfectionist’s and a minimalist’s dream – a streamlined, naturally derived system that will never compromise on the luxury of the purest ingredients.

It’s Cold in New York and Humid in Miami! The CTRL DAILY ESSENTIALS Solution

As a New Yorker who spends a good deal of time in Miami, my skin knows the extremes of temperature and the challenges presented by both. Rather than create a collection with products that work well in the cold and other products that work well in the Miami humidity, our formulas were developed to deliver results wherever you are in the world. Winters in New York have me reaching for the same three core products that I rely on in Miami. These favorites form our CTRL DAILY ESSENTIALS set and will keep your skin healthy and radiant in either extreme -or in between!

  1. DAILY REFRESH Cleansing Gel. Morning and Evening
    I keep hearing from customers who have tried DAILY REFRESH, how wonderful it is to find a cleanser that cleanses the face thoroughly and still leaves it completely hydrated. The hydration is equally important in cold winter weather as well as in warmer climates. Our carefully sourced Rose Hip Seed Extract, Geranium Flower and Seaweed Extract are all super potent antioxidants that will infuse the skin with needed vitamins and hydration.
    I use the gel first thing in the morning on a wet face, messaging a small amount of product all over my face (avoiding the eyes!) and rinsing thoroughly with warm water. I love using Daily Refresh in a warm shower to create an instant uplifting spa experience. In the evening, I use the gel again to remove all traces of makeup and grime. Using Daily Refresh twice a day is a very good start to restoring and
    maintaining healthy, radiant skin.
  2. LASTING HYDRATION Hyaluronic Acid Serum High + Low Molecular Weight. Morning and Evening.
    Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring “moisture barrier” in our skin. This amazing natural acid’s function is to keep our skin hydrated, glowing and supple by capturing moisture from the air and “trapping” it in the surface layers of our skin. Hyaluronic Acid also has the ability to self-adjust to the hydration needs of the individual and supply hydration as necessary over time. The acid is notable for boosting collagen production and adding volume and plumpness to the complexion. Unfortunately, as we get older, the amount of natural Hyaluronic Acid lessens and can result in a dull, dehydrated complexion.
    LASTING HYDRATION uses both high and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid to penetrate the skin on the surface and below the surface to ensure that your complexion is always receiving the right amount of hydration for your particular skin type. We use the purest water-soluble forms of 100% HA in a lightweight, oil-free formula that leave your skin refreshed, even-toned and glowing. I use this brilliant serum year round as a daily moisturizer in Miami, while In New York, I’ll sometimes layer our PARADISE Smooth Moisturizing Gel over the serum for an added antioxidant boost. In the evening, after cleansing my face with DAILY REFRESH, I apply LASTING HYDRATION as an overnight glow restoring treatment –wherever I am in the world!
  3. PARADISE  Smooth Moisturizing Gel. Daily PARADISE is our silky, unique daily moisturizer that is dermatologist tested, lightweight, oil-free and seems to “float” over your skin to minimize pores and create a flawless, soft matte finish.  The addition of Cloudberry and Snow Algae – two powerful botanical antioxidants found in northern, harsh climates- are perfect for sustaining hydration and fighting environmental stressors in any climate zone.  Caffeine, a favorite ingredient of mine, was added for its anti-inflammatory, skin brightening and tightening benefits. I always layer PARADISE over LASTING HYDRATION during New York winters.  In Miami I can use either  PARADISE or LASTING HYDRATION year round as a daytime  moisturizer. I sometimes add a drop of PARADISE to foundation or tinted moisturizer.