Get your glow back from Lasting Hydration at CTRLcosmetics

It might be time to talk about one of my favorite products, that I am extremely proud of. My LASTING HYDRATION. Our Super Serum!!!

It delivers exactly as the name says. It’s LASTING HYDRATION for your Skin!

What can I say about a product that has literally changed my life and skin. It has been a game-changer!

When I came across this Hyaluronic Acid, I was truly amazed by it. I finally got it to be as I would like it. No extra fillers, or anything but exactly what it should be. You get two different weights. High and Low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, all in one.

Why two molecular weights?

Well, the lower weight is to hold in the moisture, and the heavier weight is to lock it in. In addition, Hyaluronic Acid is also a humectant, that allows the skin to absorb moisture from the air, keeping and creating a consistent replenishment of hydration to your skin.

Plumping up and getting rid of all those fine lines and wrinkles we all experience. Over time, you shall see the difference in your appearance that you may not have noticed before.

Give this one a chance to change your life. My skin as well as yours will be hydrated all day and using it at night, all through the night.

Using on damp skin, apply a dropper full onto your face, neck, and décolletage areas, to keep your skin nicely hydrated.

The ingredients in this awesome product are simple enough to use. No extra ingredients. No brightener, no fillers.

Just what I wanted, to get the hydration to my skin.

Plumps up my skin within minutes.

No more tired-looking skin or hanging skin. This is no eye cream, no oily skin, no dermal filler or seed oils - simplicity and effective hydration are key.

Brighter and re-energized without oil or shiny skin, just a natural look and say goodbye to dullness.

You can say "Hello, Glowing skin" after a day or two you will see the difference!

My skin looks amazing now. Just a healthy-looking, firm skin complexion.

That glow! Wow!

How wonderful a feeling to know, that without makeup, I look refreshed and feel good about my face, neck, and straight down to my décolleté.

Firming up all these areas, making me look years younger and feeling great.

As a matter of fact, to my surprise, this was also a BEST IN SHOW at the Launch of our brand and at the IBE in NYC… Out of over 600 + independent brands, CTRL’S LASTING HYDRATION, not only was a Best in Show Nominee… it wound up being a Finalist (top three)!


I knew that it was an amazing product when I made it, and was so happy to hear that so many others thought the same thing, and voted on it.

How proud a moment for us at the CTRL Family.

Not a surprise for me… since I always knew it was a winner! Being second or even third is still a winner in my book. How can I go wrong with such accolades?

Well, just ask all of my clients who have had the same experience and results, our testimonials show it.

Just look at Jules and her testimonial. What a total difference and appearance she has had using, our products, she looks amazing!

Just two ingredients and the world can be your oyster too.

You will feel an immediate improvement, it is good to the very LAST DROP!

Thank you for your continued support in our effort to bring these fine products to your door.

Continued success in your endeavor with using our products.


Thank you.

Nina L. Steinberg

CEO of CTRL Cosmetics.


About our products: Our skin care products aim to give your skin the nourishment it needs with our skin care routine steps to address dry skin, and consider sensitive skin, for ladies as well as skin care for men as well. Our Lasting Hydration serum is based on hyaluronic acid, which aids in locking in moisture at the cellular level with its High+Low molecular weight. We start at removing all the face oil and dirt regardless of the skin condition or skin type with our Daily Refresh cleansing gel and go from there. If you are looking for a no-cream solution to your skin care routine, CTRLCOSMETICS is the solution you are looking for.