CTRLCOSMETICS Skin care line

As the owner of CTRL, I wanted to bring you all up to date as to how I came about with my products.

At first, as I’ve already stated, I was in a real dilemma with utilizing so many different products that didn’t give me exactly what I was expecting.

After much research, I decided to make my own products, that I felt would be beneficial for me as well as my family members.

Turning to others, such as researchers and labs… I then noticed just how they were made and what it took to get what I was looking for.

After much consideration, I was left with a decision to make.

Do I go ahead and make my own? Or do I stick with what’s out there?

Do the other brands have exactly what I want?

Should I mix brands to make up a routine that would suit my needs?

Great question.

Well, after much thought… I figured, why not give it a go and make my own, knowing that my skin is as sensitive as it is, how could I not?

After many different tries, I finally came up with the products that are now in my lineup of products.

Happily, to say, they all work beautifully and are all multifunctional. What a great surprise to have such products that not only do what I wanted them to but are also great for so many other things.

My mission at the time I thought was complete.

Now today, I’m on a new mission.

I have been sourcing our new and innovative sources to bring to the forefront, for other ailments, that I suffer from and I’m sure, now I know, others have as well.

Stepping out of my comfort zone… I am now getting to know about the benefits of CBD, and what it can do for the pain that I’ve suffered from since I was quite young.

With this being said, I went to many a lab to do just that.

After many trials, I have finally come up with three new products that I am going to add to my line of products.

How excited I am to have them join my CTRLCOSMETICS brand.

I know that they are a new thing for me, but even more…I feel so much better knowing that I have them in my arsenal now to go to for so many things, not just for relief but for so much more than they bring.

Again, these products, as the others, are multifunctional.

A dream came true, at least for me and my family members.

I guess you can say, hard work pays off!

Well, with all that being said, I’d like to introduce to you my new lineup of CBD Products.

There are only three, but you need not worry. I feel that’s all you need.

My brand is not one that uses or I feel it doesn’t need many to accomplish what I want, to get the results I’m looking for.

Too much time is spent on trying to look great when all it takes are just a few.

With that being said…. I’m going to keep you in suspense for just a little while longer.

Get ready for a great launch, of three great new products, that are going to be added to my brand.

Coming soon!

See you at the opening launch of my newest and latest products. TBD!

About our products: Our skin care products aim to give your skin the nourishment it needs with our skin care routine steps to address dry skin, and consider sensitive skin, for the ladies as well as skin care for men as well. Our Lasting Hydration serum is based on hyaluronic acid, which aids in locking in the moisture at the cellular level with its High+Low molecular weight. We start at removing all the face oil and dirt regardless of the skin condition or skin type with our Daily Refresh cleansing gel and go from there. If you are looking for a no-cream solution to your skin care routine, CTRLCOSMETICS is the solution you are looking for.