CTRLCOSMETICS Skin Care and Noelle Salon


I wanted to update all of my many clients on what’s been going on with my skin care brand CTRLCOSMETICS.

It’s been a very bumpy few years through this very unpleasant and concerning time that we all have to deal with.

With all that being said, CTRLCOSMETICS has teamed up with Noelle Salon, located in Massachusetts.

Noelle is an actual customer of CTRL, who happened to find us, and who absolutely loves our brand.

Well, with that, we got together, and low and behold, she decided that it would be a great fit for her and her clientele.

A little back story on Noelle, she’s been in the hair business for over 40 years and has her own business using real hair that she came up with called Veila Hair.

She came up with a way to place extensions into your hair, using a method all on her own. No clips, no glue.

With thousands of clients all over the world, she established her business using hair that’s real, and that looks Amazing!

Attending to so many clients, she is now teaching others, how to do what she does.

What an amazing woman she truly is!

Well, after seeing how she works, and her work ethic, I was very excited to be involved with her and her business.

Together we decided to get a routine down for women and men included, to see if my products would work on the hair that she herself developed.

Well, to our surprise, she started to use our “Golden Oil” Replenish!


What a transformation!

She told me how excited she and her clients were once they saw how my products worked on her extensions.

Least to say how excited I was to hear the great news.

Besides Replenish, she started to use our Rejuvenation on their scalps. Allowing the hair follicles to open up and expose them, so in essence, getting rid of the dead skin cells, allowing them to rejuvenate and regrow hair. Low and behold, people having issues with different problems, started to see a huge difference in their appearance and hair. Still using it till today, we are still so excited as well as her clients.

She truly is a magician when it comes to making people with hair problems, look amazing!

So glad that we got together.

Looking forward to working with Noelle for many years to come.

Hoping that tomorrow, she and her clients as well as other salons, will step up and take the same advice from her and use our products and see the results that we all have so far.

Congratulations to Noelle Salon and CTRLCOSMETICS for their teaming up together, and making people’s faces light up.

At CTRLCOSMETICS, this is what we love to hear.

Keep up the great work, Noelle!

Looking forward to seeing what the next products will do for your business as well as our brand!

About our products: Our skin care products aim to give your skin the nourishment it needs with our skin care routine steps to address dry skin, and consider sensitive skin, for the ladies as well as skin care for men as well. Our Lasting Hydration serum is based on hyaluronic acid, which aids in locking in the moisture at the cellular level with its High+Low molecular weight. We start at removing all the face oil and dirt regardless of the skin condition or skin type with our Daily Refresh cleansing gel and go from there. If you are looking for a no-cream solution to your skin care routine, CTRLCOSMETICS is the solution you are looking for.